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Rulo - David Eidelstein
Violin Bass

David Eidelstein

David Eidelstein, better known as Rulo, is a Chilean singer, songwriter and bassist who began his professional career in music at age 17 as a founding member of the renowned Chilean funk band Los Tetas. 

With the 4 member band they recorded two fundamental albums of the funk movement in Chile in the 1990s, Mama Funk and La Medicina. 

After leaving Los Tetas, Rulo spent his time recording as a session musician on records of bands like Tiro de Gracia, Latin Bitman among others. Meanwhile, he developed a career as the composer and singer for his new band Esencia. He subsequently released his solo debut in 2016 with the acclaimed folkloric album Vendaval. 

Since early 2019,  Rulo has been part of the official band of the Mexico-based Chilean singer Mon Laferte with whom he has been touring Europe, USA and Latin America. 

“I am totally in love with the sound of my Hofner since it’s the only bass guitar I have ever played that really melts with the sound of music.”

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