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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

About the Company

Yes, Karl Höfner GmbH & Co. KG is still a German, family-run company with a long tradition.
Our company headquarters are located in the Middle Franconian town of Baiersdorf / Hagenau in the direct vicinity to the university town of Erlangen and about 30 kilometres north of Nuremberg.

Unfortunately, no. We do not have a "show workshop behind glass". This means: flying chips, sharp hand tools and various other woodworking machines. Accordingly, we cannot offer workshop tours for insurance reasons.

Yes. In addition to our instruments from the mid-price segment and the Master series, which are manufactured in Germany, there are, for example, the Ignition or Contemporary series, which are manufactured for us in other Asian countries according to our specifications.


Service, Sales & Warranty

No. All Höfner products are available exclusively through a worldwide network of authorised music shops. Click here to get to our dealer locator in order to find a Höfner dealer nearby.

Click here to get to our dealer locator in order to find a Höfner dealer nearby.

First of all, contact the dealer where you bought your Höfner product with your warranty claim.

Our partner will then contact us to check and process the issue.

No. We do not offer a repair service for musical instruments outside of the warranty.
In such cases, please contact the luthier or workshop of your choice.


Green Line

Our Green Line series was launched in 1997 and we have gained valuable experience over the years to constantly redefine and improve it.
The essence of the Green Line philosophy is to prove that excellent musical instruments can be made not only from tropical woods. If you want to learn more, follow this link.

Discover Höfner Green Line

The Höfner Green Line Finish is an exceptionally thin organic finish made from natural oils and waxes that protects the instrument and enhances the natural colours of the selected tonewoods. We are so convinced of the finish that you will even find it on some of our models that are not from the Green Line range.

Absolutely not! It is a common myth that a high-class musical instrument must be necessarily made of exotic woods such as mahogany, rosewood or ebony in order to sound appealing or to be a companion for life. The long history of musical instrument making in Europe has shown that masterful instruments have always been made from a wide variety of woods - for example, the age-old combination of maple body and spruce top has been tried and tested for centuries in both string and plucked instrument making.
It is well known that tropical woods have excellent properties for musical instrument making, but they are simply not always the better alternative.

Because we want to take care of our planet, we launched the Green Line series in 1997.

Discover Höfner Green Line


About Höfner Instruments

You can find the specifications of your instrument on the relevant product page in the "Specifications" tab.

Yes. We offer some of our concert guitars in different sizes for children, teenagers or adults with smaller hands. These instruments are indicated in the article number with an "S" (e.g. "HF13-S") or the particular size 7/8, 3/4, 1/2 (e.g. "HF13-3/4"). Smaller guitars can be found in our Carmencita series, but also in the German standard classical guitars and even in the Master series.

 Yes. A truss rod basically compensates for the string tension acting on the instrument.

Our classical guitars have truss rods because this allows you to adjust them perfectly even after many years without having to carry out major repairs.

Many of our guitars have nickel plated metal parts. Over time nickel will tarnish. In order to slow down this process make sure you regularly clean your guitar and always give it a quick clean every time you use it. The most common cause of tarnish is from sweat from your hands.

Vintage Guitars

We neither sell vintage instruments nor do we give valuations for them.

Visit this page to get useful information about your vintage Höfner instrument.

No, we do not store vintage or NOS spare parts.
It is possible that current spare parts will also fit your vintage instrument, but we do not guarantee this.

Click here to download our "spare parts 2022" list.


Your question is more specific and is not listed here?  Do not hesitate to contact us!
We will get back to you as soon as possible.