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We cooperate with 'Lebenshilfe Erlangen e.V.'

Living diversity

Lebenshilfe Erlangen supports people with disabilities of all ages and their families in the city of Erlangen and the eastern district. The small parents' initiative that was founded in 1960 has grown into a large association. Our services for people with impairments cover all areas and phases of life. We are there for them and their relatives when it comes to early intervention, counselling, childcare, school, work, leisure and living.

As an association, we focus on participation and co-determination. Parents, people with disabilities, professionals and staff work together. The goal of all activities: a life for people with disabilities in the midst of society: self-determined with as much help as necessary.

This is what Lebenshilfe stands for

- Lebenshilfe helps families with disabled relatives to master their everyday lives.

- Lebenshilfe promotes social participation and the coexistence of people with and without disabilities.

- Lebenshilfe represents the interests of people with disabilities and their relatives.

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