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Ella Germein
Violin Bass

Ella Germein

Ella Germein is a member of Aussie Pop Rock sister group 'GERMEIN' where she plays bass, cello and sings backing vocals. The band has been turning heads across the globe with their unique brand of catchy indie rock pop songs & signature harmonies. Having toured with Phil Collins, Little Mix, & Jess Glynne to name a few, Germein’s energetic and charismatic live show has been described as nothing short of mesmerising. 

Ella is known for her highly energetic performance skills and unique playing style. As a cello player there was no surprise why she was drawn to the beautiful shape of the Hofner violin bass.

"I absolutely love the sound of my Hofner who I named 'Harmony', she (of course) is so smooth and effortless to play and the light frame of the instrument is so gentle on my shoulders after suffering past problems with heavier guitars. As a performer who loves to move around on stage I want my bass to feel like a dance partner and my Hofner definitely feels like that!"

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