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The Alchemy

Formed in Canterbury, UK, in 2015, the quartet released their début EP in April 2016. Modern Age was well received by UK Independent press, Radio and Music TV and laid the foundation for the band’s sound: heavy riffs intertwined with undeniable choruses provided by the rare talent of vocalist Rhys Taylor.

The videos for Modern Age and follow up single Black Hole Passenger were both playlisted on Scuzz TV, while an unreleased 3rd track, Save Me From Myself has racked up over 100,000 plays on YouTube.

Support slots with UK compatriots Mallory Knox, London-based Kiwi rockers I Am Giant and celebrated German alt-prog band The Intersphere showed that The Alchemy could more than hold their own on the larger stages and in front of the increased crowds provided by those opportunities

During a particularly rapturous performance with I Am Giant at the Camden Assembly in 2016, the band caught the eye and ear of I Am Giant bassist Paul Matthews. A London based producer with a string of gold and platinum-selling records in New Zealand to his credit, Matthews saw something special in The Alchemy.

“The band was just awesome,” he recalls. “Talented musicians and the lead singer Rhys has an excellent, unique voice. I saw so much potential - I just had to work with these guys!”

After refining more than 30 song sketches, recording began in May 2017 with Matthews at the helm as Producer/Engineer. Recording took place in the Alchemy’s own studio in Canterbury.

Fast forward to September 2018 and after a short trip to Berlin to mix and master the record, and The Alchemy have their first full-length album titled ‘Chemical Daydream’ finished and ready to go. Guitarist Luke Welch reflects on its creation:

‘‘Playing with some great other bands all around the country gave us the chance to up our game. And working with an experienced team like Paul and Sebastian Braunreuther in Berlin, along with having our own studio has meant we’ve managed to realize our creative vision and we couldn’t be happier with how this record has turned out.”

The first single and video from the album, Give Me The Sky, was released on November 2nd 2018 receiving love straight away from BBC Introducing Kerrang! & Scuzz TV.


Dan Messore
Hofner President and Verythin