Mikel Irazoki | Höfner
Mikel Irazoki
Violin Bass

Mikel Irazoki

Spanish bass player and musical director.
“From the first song, I fell in love with my Hofner bass.”

Mikel is from a small town, Bera, in the north of Spain. He started to play bass in the 80s in many punk rock and pop bands and has always collaborated with singers of different styles. Since the 90s Mikel has worked with artists that include Duncan Dhu, Mikel Erentxun, 21 Japonesas, Luz Casal, David Bisbal, Ana Torroja (Mecano) and others. 

In 2001 Mikel started to work with Spanish artist Miguel Bosé, firstly as his bass player and since 2004 as his bass player and musical director on tours. In addition, Mikel has worked for 13 years with Ana Torroja as a bass player and musical director touring across all Latin countries. 

The next exciting phase is starting the new tour of Miguel Bosé, which will play for two years in Spain, México, USA and South and Central America. 

Recently the Miguel Bosé MTV Unplugged video was recorded and we get to see Mikel playing his Hofner 500/1 Mersey Bass. Mikel says “Obviously, I knew the bass but had never played it. From the first song, I fell in love with this sound, deep, clear and punchy. I am a lover of the vintage tones and the Hofner is now a very important part of my sound. For this tour my Hofner is essential and I’ll take it all over the world. Thank you Hofner for letting me be a part of your family and for the incredible pleasure of feeling this unmistakable sound in my hands.”

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