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Lati Kronlund
Violin Bass

Lati Kronlund

Lars “Lati” Kronlund is a music producer, songwriter and musician. His main instrument is the electric bass, which he plays with Brooklyn Funk Essentials, the band he started in the early nineties with legendary producer Arthur Baker and a host of New York’s finest young musicians, singers and poets. Since then, Lati has produced five studio albums with BFE and toured several laps around the globe. He has also written, produced and played with artists such as Isaac Hayes, Roy Ayers, Jody Watley, Alison Limerick, Frankie Knuckles and Khaled.

“All my music is rooted in bass lines”, says Lati and continues: “My inspiration comes from players like James Jamerson, Robbie Shakespeare and Bernard Edwards. I always strive to keep it as simple and deep as possible, omitting notes wherever I can, rather than adding more”. Lati became a Höfner-player rather by chance: “After having had surgery to my shoulder, I was looking for a lighter bass for an upcoming BFE tour. I stumbled upon a 1965 original violin bass and picked it up mostly because it looked so good. It was really fun to play, but it was when I plugged it into an amp that it totally blew me away - the tone was amazingly deep, fat and round, a sound I had always wanted. Needless to say, I left the store with that bass, and I have not played a single gig without it since. Incredible how something that weighs next to nothing can have such a heavy sound.”

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