Julia Aszodi | Höfner
Julia Aszodi
Violin Bass and HA Acoustic

Julia Aszodi

Ever since I can remember, I've always been surrounded by music. When I was a little child I started to learn to play on instruments, but the big breakthrough was when I got acquainted with The Beatles. Since than I know my place, in music. I fell in love with Paul’s guitar at first sight  “I need one too”. So firstly I started to learn on classical guitar, but after a couple of years I bought my first bass guitar, altough it was not a Höfner. I got to know The Bits Hungarian Supergroup, and fortunately we became good friends. Finally I could hold an original Höfner Mersey. This relationship also brought me a personal meeting with Höfner company. I got the guitar of my dreams, a Höfner Violin Bass, and today I can say that I am a Höfner Artist. I think this cooperation opens a new chapter of my life. I’m very excited about what’s next.


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