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The Silver Beatles

The Silver Beatles

Founded in the nineties by Johnny Silver, the band´s success quickly rose after it was asked to portray The Beatles in the major musical production “She loves you”, which turned out to be a massive success all over Europe. 

The goal of achieving the highest possible coherence  to pay justice and respect to every phase of the Beatles´ career, both musically and theatrically, which includes many costume changes and a representive collection of instruments, their love of detail and spirit all contributed to their ongoing success.  A loving and heart-warming tribute to the Fab Four no Beatles fan should miss. 

Over the next years further productions followed, Beatlemania, Come together – right now, Yesterday,  just to name a few, a recording contact was signed with SONY Music, single high profile appearances like for the Chancellor of Germany, UNICEF and other cultural authorities. 

We are very proud to be part of the Hofner community. 

Bass duties are shared between Michael Becker and Terry Lines, the latest addition to the Silver Beatles cast. Terry has played a huge variety of Beatles shows over the past 16 years and can be seen playing the famous “Beatles Bass” 500/1 in both the 62´ and 63´ version. Johnny can also be seen playing a Hofner Club for the Early Days show or a 500/1 in the last part of the show.


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