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The Bits

The Bits

Who hasn't heard of The Beatles? Four charismatic and super talented boys from Liverpool that wrote themselves into the history books, taking the world by storm in the 1960s and radically changing pop music and culture forever. Who doesn’t know their eternal songs such as She Loves You, Yesterday, Let it be or Hey Jude?

The Bits (European Beatles Supergroup) - Beatles tribute band play these magnificent Beatles tunes in a live setting. Performing only in the original English lyrics, The Bits recreate the authentic sound, melodic vocals and fantastic feelings conjured up by John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Why ‘Supergroup’? The four musicians are all well-known artists from Hungarian rock and blues bands, who have already successfully performed on numerous European stages as well as overseas in America. The band members are all highly-experienced, humble characters and diehard Beatles-lovers. Their professional performance guarantees an excellent atmosphere which creates lasting memories for the audience, who are always enchanted to hear The Beatles catalogue of songs performed live with stunning accuracy.

In 2014 The Bits became official "Höfner artists".

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