Vintage Ersatzteile | Höfner

Vintage Spares

We do not have vintage parts for vintage guitars. However some modern parts can fit vintage Höfner guitars and basses, but we do not guarantee this.

Many of the parts made were from local manufacturers many of whom have long since ceased trading. Höfner, like all manufacturers, has changed suppliers over the years and we have also changed designs and fittings to suit new models. In the same way that Mercedes would not be able to now supply parts for a car made in the 1950s neither can Höfner supply parts for a guitar made then.

Also, please note, we do not supply parts direct from the workshops. If you contact us asking to buy parts we will not supply them. You must order from a Höfner dealer.

Some of the parts we use today can be used for vintage guitar and bass restorations.

Some pickups such as the "Staple" and "Diamond Logo" and "Toaster" and "Black Bar" and "Blade". These are not exactly the same. They may require some modifications to fit or be held in surrounds.

Some pickup mounting rings for the above are available though some are now only available in one height.

The "Trapeze" and "Lyre" tailpieces as used on the Violin bass and Club guitars, Verithins and other guitars.

"Tea Cup" knobs.

Cream or black skirted knobs as found on old Verithins, Presidents and many other archtops and guitars.

The Höfner control panel which is still available in both the early oval type and the rectangular type (but not the larger type fitted 1965 to mid 1980s).

Violin Bass tuners, various. These are of the same style but the post may be of a different diameter. Bushings may be needed.

Wooden bridge with fretwire inserts as fitted to Violin and Club basses, Club guitars and other models utilising this type of bridge. We do not guarantee the fit of the modern bridge which may require cutting and modification.

Pickguards and brackets. These may require further cutting to get a good fit on a vintage bass or guitar.

Look in the Spare Parts category to ascertain if a suitable part is available to fit your vintage instrument.

There are a number of independent companies that supply some parts that are suitable for vintage Höfner guitars. We supply some of these parts whilst a few manufacture vintage type parts themselves.