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Joe Baiardi - The Fab 5

Joe Baiardi - The Fab 5

Joe originally hails from New York City. Joe started playing professionally at the age of 12 (beginning in the wedding band circuit). His first love was playing the drums but soon taught himself to play the guitar, bass, & piano. Joining up with friend Omar Sanders, Joe began playing in various high school bands in the 70s like "Reaper", "Centaur" & "Exctasy". By 1979,he formed "Rubber Soul" (1979-1983), a successful Beatles tribute band. Joe always wanted to perform Beatles music ever since he met John Lennon in 1976 on Broadway & 52nd street in Manhattan. "Rubber Soul" toured up and down the east coast playing Beatles conventions, Festivals, and dinner theaters in the early 80s. Joe and Rich Testa (who portrayed "John" in "Rubber Soul") also began writing together and wrote lovely pop songs like "She's Changed" which is featured on the new FAB 5 CD. In 1983 "Rubber Soul" disbanded, Joe joined "The Elevators" (1984-1987), a new wave original pop group in Manhattan which penned and recorded original dance music. The band played all the Manhattan's hot spots like The China Club, CBGB's and The Bitter End. One of the songs "Whatcha Gonna Do" was featured in the 1984 movie "Perfect" starring John Travolta and Jamie Leigh Curtis. It helped that their lead singer Brant Mewborn was also a senior editor with Rolling Stone Magazine. We hung out with the likes of RuPaul and Michael Musto. "The Elevators" were chosen to be signed to EMI's new "MANHATTAN" label, but were beat out by "BALTIMORA" (who had the hit "Tarzan Boy"). In 1988 Joe relocated to Houston, Texas. Brant Mewborn died in 1989. Rest In Peace my old friend. Joe took a break from playing in bands until 1992, when he answered an ad in The Houston Press and joined "Troy Hess & Dangerous Livin'" (1992-1996) and continued on with Troy Hess in "Zebra Three" (2000-2002). In 2000, he was offered the "Paul McCartney" role in the national Beatles tribute act "Come Together". This also lead to performing with "The Cast of Beatlemania" as their "Paul" fill in for original cast members Mitch Weissman and Lenie Colacino. Joe has done "Cast" shows in New York, Detroit, Boston, Florida, Seattle, Oklahoma, Dallas, and Minnesota. His love and appreciation for Music of the 60s will always remain his first true love, which is what lead him to join "The Fab 5" on February 2, 2003. That magical musical chemistry between the current line up makes "The Fab 5" one of The Premier Party Bands in the USA. 

These days Joe uses his original lefty 1963 500/1 and 1966 500/1 violin bass guitars. Both of these basses originally came from Selmer UK shop in London and are equipped with their original tweed Selmer cases. They are his most prized possessions!

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