Johann von Fleisch | Höfner
Johann von Fleisch
President and Verythin Guitars

Johann von Fleisch

They are back! And they are hungry! Your favourite hellbilly B-movie bastards are back from the dead again. After their 2012 release, “This Is Hellbilly Music“, the quartet from the southern states of Germany are back with their terrifying new beast “Back For Brains!“ Hellbilly Music? The label of this genre couldn’t be more suitable! These four undead are bringing a wide range of kick-ass tunes! A masterful blend of classical and modern styles, which immediately make your feet stomp. The perfect soundtrack for your everyday B-movie mood! Affected by various horror and “B” movies from every era, the band is creating danceable monsters, which would even lure Count Dracula out of his tomb. Catchiness and diversity are the devices. Created by the great combination of various styles, the band will lure metal dudes, rockers, psychos and even country fans to their monster hop.

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