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The 4 Beats

The 4 Beats

The slogan was the inspiration for band founder Florian Mändlein back in January 2013 to establish a new Rock ‘n’ Roll Band reflecting the Hamburg days of the new and young British bands in the early 60s. 

Since the band was created, their philosophy was crystal clear. “The beat must go on!”  Recreating the three part harmonies of The Beatles, high energy performances of Chuck Berry and leather clad style of Gene Vincent’s “Blue Caps”, everything combined  to keep the beat-era in Germany alive! 

All the instruments are accurate for the 60s era from Höfner, Rickenbacker, Gretsch to Ludwig. 

And of course, The 4 Beats also write own songs. From the first to the last minute of the concert, the audience will feel the energy and passion ofThe 4 Beats and their love for The Beatles, Buddy Holly  and Johnny Burnette, all supported by the best, high-professional sound systems. 

The 4 Beats are:

Florian Mändlein (“John“) - Guitar/Vocals

Stefan Manhart (“George”) - Lead Guitar/Harmonica/Vocals

Thomas Mosbach (“Paul”) - Bass/Contrabass/Vocals

Miodrag Ilic (“Ringo”) - Drums/Percussion

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