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Ian B Garcia - All McCartney Live

Ian B Garcia - All McCartney Live

Born in the exotic coastal town of Viña del Mar, Chile.  He currently resides in Toronto, Canada.  Self-taught in voice, guitar, piano and bass he has evolved over the years into a versatile and mature multi–instrumentalist.

Singer/Songwriter for "Incandescent Bliss Machine" 1994-1999 Managed by Michael White  (The Tea Party) and opening for major acts such as The Age of Electric and Blue Rodeo.

In 2011 Garcia got the call and the part as "Sir Paul McCartney" in the Broadway touring show, “RAIN: A tribute to The Beatles” In 2016 he toured the UK with the West End Production, “LET IT BE: A Celebration of the music of The Beatles”

“I am in love with the tone and feel of my 500/1 Vintage ’63 bass.”  Garcia states. “Ever since playing my first one with RAIN I have never opted for anything else. The warmth and “woodsy” tone are incredible and depending on the attack and pick up you select, it can go from a beautiful thick thump to a mean growl!”


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