Uriah Heep meets Franconian Wine!

Höfner endorsers Uriah Heep were recently at the "Best of Gold" awards in Munich for Franconian wines.

Self confessed wine lovers Uriah Heep were recently invited to assist in choosing the winners of the "Best of Gold" award festival in Munich for the finest wines produced in Franconia.

An independent panel of wine experts, sommeliers and restaurateurs had determined in advance from the 162 gold medal winners in the Franconian Wine Awards 2011 winners.Brunner commended at the awards ceremony, the top quality and excellent national and international reputation of the Franconian wines, of which benefit the whole region. "The awards are the culmination of a consistent quality earned striving for many years," praised the commitment of the Minister of Agriculture of the winemakers

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Uriah Heep meets Franconian Wine!

The winner of the competition "Best of Gold" rejoice together with the rock band "Uriah Heep" and Viticulture President Artur Steinmann and Hermann Mengler about their award. Photo: Rudi Merkl

Uriah Heep meets Franconian Wine!

Viticulture President Artur Steinmann thanks for the award "Best of Gold" with the rock group Uriah Heep with a wine gift. Photo: Rudi Merkl