The Keepers

Uniquely crafted with their influences worn on their sleeves. 

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Instruments - Verythin Guitars  - Hofner Basses 

The Keepers are a Northampton based Psychedelic Rock band. Reviving the sounds of the 60's, kicking and screaming with a slightly more modern feel. The band are influenced by the likes of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Jam, Stone Roses, The Stooges, Oasis and many more. 

Having supported the likes of Space, The Beat, The Spitfires as well as fellow Hofner Artists The Moons and The Franklys - The Keepers are making a name for themselves one the UK's Underground Indie/Psych scene. 

The band is driven by Lead Singer and Guitarist Jordan Jones and Lead Guitarist Liam Guitarist with Fuzzed out, screaming Verythin guitars, while Bass player Oli Rumens provides the basis of the band's sound; a Hofner bass with flatwound strings, tightly compressed giving it that undeniable Hofner sound. Not to mention Drummer Steve Smith who adds to the rawness of the live sound. 

 The Keepers have released several singles so far Via Stalkers records and permanently gigging up and down across the UK.



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