Steve Cradock Band

"The perfect bass sound."

Steve Cradock - guitar:

Like The Beatles and early Oasis, Steve Cradock has the talented knack of being both Bohemian and accessible. Steve, (famed guitarist to Ocean Colour Scene and Paul Weller) writes and produces all his own material. Accompanied by Andy Flynn on bass

'"Since i first heard the B-side of Paperback Writer, 'Rain', i knew that was the perfect bass sound! Also Kevin Parker  of Tame Impala uses one so I use ' The Violin Bass' sound on my solo records 'The Kundalini Target' and 'Peace City West' and Travel Wild / Travel Free. The perfect bass sound. " - Steve Cradock


Andy Flynn - bass:

From Birmingham, UK, Andy has been a fan of the violin bass since he was a child having spent many hours admired images of Paul McCartney playing his, he first picked up a guitar aged 11 and has performed as a singer, guitarist, and bass player in many bands ever since.

Currently playing his vintage '58 violin bass.


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