Red Butler

Dynamic rock/blues band from Brighton UK. Adiences instantly tap into the fire and passion generated by this young band.

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November sees the culmination of 18 months preparation with the release of the bands lovingly crafted second album, produced at Superfly Studios by Wayne Proctor. The music represents a dynamic band in transition and will hopefully please their supporters, new fans and the music media. This album follows the success of Red Butler’s rebut release during summer 2014.  The ‘Nothing to Lose’ tour extends from October-December showcasing the new album and the extended line-up.  Initial gigs have thrilled audiences as the band unleashes its energy with control and power at every gig. 

‘Nothing to Lose’ is a collaborative project drawn from the band members’ individual experiences of life and music. Red Butler see the need to deliver a message to younger people whilst retaining the support of their established blues/rock audience. Influences include SRV, Free, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Gary Clarke Jnr. and artists such as Royal Blood and Vintage Trouble.  

The power and sensitivity of their music has seen Red Butler win national awards. Successes include:

-  Alex – runner up in Young Artist category – British Blues Awards 2016.

-  Band – third place in Best Blues Band category – British Blues Awards 2016.

-  Representing the UK at the European Blues Challenge in Italy 2016.

-  Winners of the UK Blues Challenge 2015.

-  Runners-up in the British Blues Awards 2015 (Alex – Young Artist and Band – Emerging Artist).

-  ‘Best New UK Act’ 2014 – Blues Matters Magazine      

Alex Butler established the band in 2012 with the settled line-up comprising Alex (lead guitar and backing vocals), Jane Pearce (lead vocals), Charlie Simpson (drums) and Mike Topp (bass and backing vocals). The band toured with Laurence Jones Band, Billy Walton Band and Danny Bryant, learning a great deal in the process. With the heavier sound of ‘Nothing to Lose’ Dan Spellman (guitar and backing vocals) has been added to the line-up.  Despite an average age of 24 the band members bring a wealth of experience enabling them to transmit their energy to ignite audiences. Dan has quickly tapped into that vibe having previously worked with Alex and Charlie in ColdHeat which dates back to 2008.

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Photos courtesy of Laurence Harvey