Paul McCartney with Jubilee Violin Bass

Paul McCartney plays special Jubilee Violin Bass at Jubilee Concert

McCartney Jubilee Hofner BassMcCartney Jubilee Hofner Bass

Sir Paul McCartney played at the Jubilee Concert in London last night, 4th June. The concert was part of a week long celebrations in the UK to mark 60 years as the monarch for The Queen. 

Paul headlined the concert coming on at the end to play three songs. On the final song, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, he switched from his regular Höfner bass to one specially made for the concert. This was finished with Union Jack on the top. 

The audience certainly appreciated the appearance of the bass right at the end of the concert. Later Paul was photographed with the Royal Family holding the bass.

McCartney Jubilee Hofner Bass