Narrow neck classical prototypes

Prototypes of a narrower than usual neck classical guitar designed to suit electric and acoustic guitarists.

Hofner Classical Prototype

Electric and acoustic guitar players who want to also use a classical guitar often find the nut width of 52mm on a classical difficult to handle.

We have, therefore, been experimenting with a few prototype classicals that wil have a nut width of 48mm, designed specifically for those that are more used to a narrower neck.

The prototype guitars, four in all, are still under construction and will be completed in a week or so. They have cedar tops and mahogany backs and sides. Two have arched backs while the other two have flat backs.

The guitars will be fitted with B-Band preamp system so that they can be plugged in if required.

We will do some evaluation and obtain customer feedback before we decide to go into production, but it does seem likely at this stage that we will make this model.


Friedemann Pods, Classical Guitar Product Manager, works on the prototypes.

Hofner Classical Prototype Hofner Classical Prototype
Hofner Classical Prototype Hofner Classical Prototype