M Ross Perkins

Neo-psychedelic singer/songwriter.

M Ross Perkins

Photo credit - Rubato Photo



M Ross Perkins is a neo-psychedelic singer/songwriter from Dayton, Ohio. His self-titled debut record was released in 2016 on Sofaburn Records. 

Perkins began experimenting with a 4-track cassette recorder in 2002, and in the years that followed, he gradually amassed an enormous catalog of unreleased, home-recorded material. Described as enigmatic and reclusive, Perkins tightly guarded his music for nearly 15 years until it was finally given an official release in 2016. His sound is often compared to that of artists like Harry Nilsson, Emitt Rhodes, and Paul McCartney for its organic, DIY aesthetic and its strong focus on lyrical subject matter. 

M Ross Perkins plays a rare 1967 Hofner 4578 signed by Sergio Dias of the legendary Brazilian psychedelic band Os Mutantes.