Lenie Colacino - The Cast of Beatlemania

Recreating the sights and sounds of The Beatles!

Lenie C 1

Instrument: 500/1 Violin Bass



Lenie Colacino first became a Hofner enthusiast, like so many others, when he saw The Beatles for the first time. Being left-handed, he decided to become a bass player just like Paul McCartney. He bought his first Hofner 500/1 in 1966 and the romance has not waned. Lenie became the first left-handed member of Broadway's Beatlemania. After the Broadway run Lenie toured with the show in all fifty states and twenty-three countries. Lenie has provided his singing talent for dozens of national TV ads including Hershey, Tropicana, Folgers, and the U S Army. He has also provided his voice over work for the Emmy award winning children's show, The Wonder Pets. Lenie was also selected to provide the speaking voice of Paul McCartney in the Robert Zemeckis remake of Yellow Submarine. Currently he performs in The Cast of Beatlemania, the top rated Beatles tribute band and his Tribute to Sir Paul, a retrospective of the life and music of Paul McCartney. Naturally, the Hofner bass is his main and most beloved instrument.