Lena Simon - La Luz

 Surf noir doom wop!

Lena 1

Photo by Brady Harvey

Lena Simon is the bassist for surf noir doom wop band La Luz who are known for making crowds dance a soul train. Simon joined La Luz in 2014 and debuts on the record for the bands second LP “Weirdo Shrine” produced by LA's Ty Segall.  

A fan of retro bass sounds since she was a kid, Lena found a perfect match with the Hofner Club Bass paired with flatwound La Bella strings and a pick and palm mute playing style to match. La Luz plays around the US and Canada in addition to touring in Europe, playing festivals and local venues alike. 

Instrument: Club Bass


Lena 2

Photo by Lauren Baker

Lena 3

Phot by Ivy Lovel