Julie Mammano - The Day Trippers

Southern California's Acoustic Beatles Show.


Julie Mammano is a native of southern California. She played tenor saxophone as a teenager, then set it aside to focus on a career in the visual arts. After being a professional illustrator and designer for many years, she had the desire to play music again. This time around, she took up guitar for a brief time, soon switching to bass which she preferred. Julie bought a used violin style bass with money from a jewelry design royalty check. From the very start she loved playing bass. She soon wanted a Hofner, the real thing. 

Julie plays the 500/1 Violin Bass with The Day Trippers who are an acoustic tribute to the Beatles. Having the reputation for knowing Beatles bass lines, she's asked from time to time to fill in for other Beatles bands. The Day Trippers are based in the Los Angeles area. 

Julie plays the Vintage '63, Icon, and Munich Gold Label violin basses.  

Instrument: Violin Basses