Joey Curatolo - Rain

Live multi-media spectacular.

JC Rain 1

Instrument: 500/1 Violin Bass



Joey has been singing, playing and writing music since he was ten years old. He and his band 'RAIN-The Beatles Experience' have sustained a career that has kept them together longer than The Beatles. Growing up in New York, Joey could not have predicted that he and RAIN would continue to preserve the legacy of the immortal band’s recorded music on stage, performing to wildly enthusiastic audiences and critical acclaim around the world. The much sought-after band and their multi-media concert continue a demanding touring schedule. RAIN has been filmed for Public Television and is currently airing around the country. Prior to RAIN, Joey performed with numerous bands which led him to portray Paul McCartney in the hit Broadway musical and touring productions of BEATLEMANIA. He sounds eerily like McCartney, and Joey’s proficiency on piano, guitar and bass, are more than worthy of a tribute to Paul. " The Hofner Bass will forever stand the test of time. Like the music it's produced, it's a classic,” says Curatolo.