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Multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer.

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Instrument: Hofner basses

Dr Cosmo's Tape Lab

Them Beatles

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer Joe Kane is a self confessed lifelong "Beatle obsessive" and is pleased as punch to be a Hofner endorsed artist. His favourite instrument is a vintage Hofner 500/3 bass which he describes as being "louder, deeper and punchier than any other bass I've ever heard!"

As a founding member of Glasgow based tribute Them Beatles Joe was crucial in shaping the creative aspects of the band, helping to fine tune the musical and visual details that helped secure the band a place as a fan favourite internationally. With tours of Canada, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and their native UK, as well as an enviable and unparalleled repertoire of over 200 songs, Them Beatles are one of the most highly respected groups in the tribute world.  Naturally right handed, one of Joe's proudest achievements was learning to flip over to left handed bass playing allowing him to play a lovely leftie 500/1 Violin Bass on stage.

Outside of Beatle duties you will most likely find Joe in his recording studio producing songs for artists in Glasgow and with his own band Dr Cosmo's Tape Lab who are set to release their fourth LP 'Cosmic Tone' on vinyl only label Sugarbush Records in the Spring of 2016.

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