James Wheatley - The BEATLES with an A

Multi-instrumentalist from East London.

James Wheatley 1

Instrument: 500/1 Violin Bass



A self-taught multi-instrumentalist from East London, James Wheatley has developed his craft in performing throughout the UK with many different and varied rock acts, allowing his creativity to go as far as establishing himself not only as an experienced session musician, but also as an imaginative singer songwriter. It was at the age of 25 that James acquired his first Hofner bass, and from that point until now has never looked back. 

Being a left-handed Hofner user, James found it to be a natural move to join the Beatles tribute and covers scene and is currently a member of ‘The Beatles with an A’ tribute band and two 50s and 60s Rock and Roll combos, ‘The Ad-Libs’ and 'With a A'. He continues to tour and perform with countless Rock and Roll acts throughout the UK and Europe, as well as joining Rod Davis (The Quarrymen) on stage as his bass player whenever he is in London. James is also a member of the ‘The Beatles Celebration’ team and has recently worked on the Norwegian Epic cruise ship with members of the ‘Let It Be’ cast.

By James’s own admission, the Hofner bass fits his requirements, stating: “My very first bass was a Hofner and ever since then I’ve always loved that warm, rich sound and feel that in my opinion only this instrument brings. Giving up the keyboards on stage and switching to concentrate on the bass guitar was the best thing to happen to me musically. I will remain a Hofner bass player. It will always stand the test of time. It's a work of art. I don't want another bass, ever!” His loyalties have led him to own several bass models, experimenting with a signature sound and establishing his unique selling point as a musician. The Hofner CT500/1 Bass is still in use, but more commonly as a back-up instrument. The Cavern and V62 bass are his current choices for recording and performing