International Beatleweek 2017

23 August - 29 August - Liverpool England.

BW2017 1

There will be a special Hofner event at the Convention on the Sunday during Beatleweek. Hope to see you there!
In The Adelphi Hotel ballroom.The Beatles and their Höfner Guitars (5pm – 7pm)

Last year Höfner sponsored International Beatleweek, bringing along legendary artist, bassist and friend of The Beatles, Klaus Voorman. This year we will be returning for a special event in the Ballroom, telling the stories of The Beatles’ Hofner guitars and basses through multimedia presentation and live demonstrations from Höfner endorsed bands.

From the very beginning The Beatles used Höfner guitars and basses, from George Harrison’s Höfner President in 1958 through to Paul McCartney’s 1963 Violin Bass. In all they had seven Höfners between them, today only two of these are known to exist.

We will have examples of five of the seven guitars at the show for you to see and hear.

We are going to take a fast look, with some historic pictures, at the Höfners they owned and then let you hear them played by some brilliant groups. Not too much talking, just a few facts and a few myths busted!

It will be a musical evening with some legendary guitars and soundtracked by some of International Beatleweek’s finest acts.

Hamburg Beat

You’ll hear the early days of The Beatles with numbers using George’s President, Lennon’s Club 40 and Sutcliffe’s 500/5 bass. Also, a vintage Futurama guitar as used by Harrison.


The Shakers

The resident Mersey Beat band at the Cavern will be on next where you can hear McCartney’s first Höfner bass.


The Bits

The Bits will conclude the show playing The Beatles big hits 1963-65 so you can hear McCartney’s 1963 Violin Bass.


Could you cope with any more excitement? What can we say? There will also be a special guest appearance, a band who must remain nameless and mysterious until the event!