Hofner Little Fury Amplifier

Designed and handmade in Europe the Little Fury 15 watt all valve guitar amplifier offers true vintage tone and stunning vintage looks.

Little Fury1

The Little Fury is only available within the European Union.

This uncluttered amplifier was inspired by a number of vintage amplifiers of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Utilising valves JJ EL84 (2) and JJ ECC83S (2) it is capable of delivering huge punch with fantastic tone. The tone starts clean and bright but as volume is increased so does the level of gain and the sound moves into the territory of really gutsy overdriven tones. Hold on as you push the volume even further and so the Little Fury does what it names says, turning your sound into a storm like fury of overdrive and volume. It's at this point that your neighbours will be ringing your front door bell.

The design does not incorporate any effects within the amplifier. No reverb, no distortion, no tremolo. We believe that most guitarist prefer to get their desired effects using their chosen FX pedals (indeed we have a range of 8 pedals for just this purpose) so we specifiied the amp to have only the very best components and didn't waste money on FX circuits. There are however 2 inputs, high and low, for guitars with single coil pups or humbuckers. 

Delivering the sound is a Jensen CH10/50 speaker - 10 inch and rated at 50 watt. This is more than capable of dealing with the output and we felt it produced the best tones for any speaker in that size. Internally the components are all best in class and all circuits are hand wired using lead free silver solder. The cabinet is covered in MAH ‘Master Plus’ textile-backed simulated leather which is UV and solvent resistant, this on a cabinet made from sealed 15mm Baltic birch plywood assembled with exterior-grade adhesive. 

Little Fury2

Little Fury3

Little Fury4

Little Fury5

For the technically minded please refer to the specifications below as these contain further details.

Model H-AMP-LF1 Hofner Little Fury 15watt Amplifier.
dimensions  40cm high x 31.5cm wide x 26cm deep
weight  10.62 kg (excluding power cable)
cabinet material  sealed 15mm Baltic birch plywood, exterior-grade adhesive
cabinet covering  MAH ‘Master Plus’ textile-backed simulated leather - UV and solvent resistant
grille cloth  treated paper, woven
chassis material  1.0mm steel, powder-coated
mains supply  220-250 volts AC (110-125 volts AC optional), 50-60Hz
power consumption  56VA
fuse type  T1A (spare fuse mounted in holder)
channels  single
controls  volume (1) , tone (1)
tone control  passive RC high-pass / low-pass balance type
valves  JJ EL84 (2), JJ ECC83S (2)
speaker  0”/259mm with 15 oz./426g ferrite magnet, 8 ohms, 50 watt rating (Jensen CH10/50)
preamplifier  two triode stages (cathode-biased, unbypassed)
phase inverter  differential
output stage  push-pull, fixed bias, transformer-coupled to speaker
output power  15 watts RMS before clipping at 240VAC 50Hz mains supply
idle dissipation  8.4 watts average per output valve anode
circuit construction  all components hand-soldered to double-layer circuit board with lead-free silver solder
anode supply  transformer-isolated, full-wave bridge
filament supply  regulated DC with soft-start circuit
Specifications are subject to change.