HML Classical Guitar Series

We are proud to present our HML series!

The HML series was created in 2021 because we are constantly looking for new and non-traditional tonewoods for guitar making. At Höfner, we firmly believe that you can build excellent instruments with more than just the tried-and-true woods, and we want to put these old prejudices to rest. HML stands for "H(öfner) M(assiv) L(imited)", which reveals that the instruments are always made in fully solid construction like our Master Class classical instruments.

HML guitars are designed by a team of three directly in Hagenau and then manufactured on site. Additionally, the HML series are only available in limited quantities and always limited to a maximum of 24 pieces. Depending on the availability of the selected tonewoods, sometimes there are even only 10 instruments made.
As we focus more and more on Green Line instruments, most of our future HML new releases are tropical wood free and are in no way inferior to the classic tonewoods. In addition, these instruments also feature our satin finish of organic hard oil, which brings out that natural, famous "glow" of the beautiful woods. Also in terms of sound quality and durability, our HML meet the highest standards and are in no way inferior to conventional guitar making.

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