Höfner Acoustic Guitar Strings


Did you know?
Here at Höfner, we can draw on years of experience in building acoustic steel string guitars.
Back in the early 1930s, 
our first Flattop Acoustics came on the market in a variety of finishes,from plain to more elaborately decorated.

We subsequently became famous for our archtop steelstrings, which are still sought after by vintage collectors today.

Over the years, the demands on acoustic guitars have changed, of course, and our current models are a tribute to times gone by with a more contemporary sound profile.
Our Höfner HAS-SET+ meets all of these requirements of today.
With quick response, even string balance, and a phenomenal range of tone colours Höfner Acoustic Guitar Strings are the perfect choice for the demanding guitarist.
A coated phosphor bronze winding and two spare strings significantly extend the longevity of each set.