Graham Bonnet

The Graham Bonnet Band continues to tour all around the world.

Rock singer Graham Bonnet was born in Lincolnshire, England. He was Influenced by The Beatles and many United States artists: such as Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and many other legendary blues singers.  His first single with Marbles "Only One Woman" penned by Bee Gees found great success with a top 5 hit in the UK and Throughout Europe.  In 1977 he released his first solo album titled "Graham Bonnet "which Achieved Gold status in Australia and experienced similar success in Europe as well as in Japan. 

In 1979 Graham joined Rainbow, Replacing Ronnie James Dio releasing "Down to Earth", one of Rainbow's most successful albums. 1981 saw Graham resume his solo career with the release of "Night Games", which had a # 6 hit in England. Soon after Graham craved to become a band member again and joined MSG where he reunited with long-time friend Cozy Powell.  After recording "Assault Attack", Graham returned to Los Angles to form the band Alcatrazz which produced guitar greats Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen. Alcatrazz cut several albums and toured worldwide before disbanding.  After a short stint with Impellitteri, Force Field and Blackthorne, Graham returned to recording solo albums. "Underground" which released in 1997, and he released his solo album "The Day I Went Mad" in 1999.

The year 2000 was a very active year for Graham. He participated in the reunion of Anthem, the top heavy metal band in Japan, released the album "Heavy Metal Anthem", and toured Japan with the band. So in 2001, he re-joined the recording of new Impellitteri album called "System X", so while he toured the UK and Spain with Don Airey (Bonnet / Airey Band).  Dario Mollo Graham and then Formed a new project called "Elektric Zoo" And They toured Europe Including UK on extensive tour. From 2002-2006, he joined recordings of new albums of Iain Ashley Hersey, Michael Schenker, Moonstone Project and Taz Taylor. Way vigorously toured the UK, Spain, Austria, Italy, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Russia, Lithuania and played a number of gigs in California, too. Formed In 2006 Graham new Alcatrazz with Howie Simon, Tim Luce and Glen Solel and completed a successful tour in Japan, teaming up with his successor in Rainbow Joe Lynn Turner.

The Graham Bonnet Band and has just released an Album on Frontiers Records called “the Book” which has charted in Japan, England and the US. He’s been touring all over the world with the new band for the past two years as well as doing reunion shows with Michael Schenker and two of the original members of Alcatrazz, Gary Shea and Jimmy Waldo. Jimmy is now a permanent member of the Graham Bonnet Band along with bassist Beth-Ami Heavenstone, guitarist Conrado Pesinato and drummer Mark Benquechea.  

Graham continues to tour all around the world with his band.




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