Discover the HM65-Z-S

Discover our HM65-Z-S

Our HM65 series continues to enjoy great popularity, as it represents the entry into the fully solid master class and is still within the price range of the ambitious beginner.
The HM65-Z always combines a solid mahogany body with a selected solid cedar top to create a warm and full sound that is a little more mid-range than with an HM65-F (spruce top).
It is now also available as a "Senorita" model - this style is featuring a shortened scale length of 630mm while the body size remains exactly the same.
This allows the balanced and resonating sound of an HM65 to be accessible to every guitarist. 

Accordingly, this instrument is very suitable for students or smaller adults.
However, one or the other full-sized player will also find pleasure in the HM65-Z-S, as the shorter scale length can also have a positive effect on the tone for some players.

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