Dave Davies Joins Hofner Artists

Dave Davies, songwriter and guitarist with The Kinks, joins Höfner.

Hofner are very pleased to welcome Dave Davies to our group of talented and lovely artists. Dave needs little introduction being a legend in the world of pop and rock.

We asked legendary Dave Davies of The Kinks 5 questions:

  1. Q. What was the first electric guitar you owned?  - A. My first guitar was a Harmony Meteor.
  2. Q. How many guitars is enough? - A. You’d need at least three for a gig....nah, actually, there’s never enough!
  3. Q. What are you looking forward to playing this summer? - A. My Hofner of course..!
  4. Q. The music industry today: better than ever or a waste of time? - A. PASS
  5. Q. If you had to do it all again, what would you not do? - A. I wouldn’t change a thing, I have absolutely no regrets.

Brand New Dave Davies Studio Album COMING SOON- Title 'I WILL BE ME' release date - Spring 2013.

Dave Davies