British Blues Awards - Hokie Joint Nominations

Höfner endorsees Hokie Joint and guitarist Joel Fisk nominated.

British Blues Awards

Hofner endorsees Hokie Joint, and it's respective band members have been nominated in 7 categories in this year's British Blues Awards. Joel Fisk, their guitarist plays Höfner Club CS10 and Höfner Galaxie guitars.

It would be great if you voted for them and put them at the very top! Their blend of style and sound has set the British Blues circuit alive over the last 12 months and attracted a big following. 

HOKIE JOINT best band category
THE MUSIC STARTS TO PLAY best album category
JOJO BURGESS best vocalist category
JOEL FISK best guitarist category
STEPHEN ‘CUPSEY’ CUTMORE best drummer category
FERGIE FULTON best bass player category
GILES KING best harmonica player category

Voting begins on 31st May 2012 (today!), so please place your votes here: http://www.britishbluesawards.co.uk/vote.htm