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Australia’s only Beatles tribute show paying homage to their early years 1957 - 1964




BackBeat are a Melbourne based band that captures the sound and energy of the early Beatles era from pre-fab to Beatlemania.

Long before The Beatles took the world by storm in 1964 they were serving their musical apprenticeship in the seedy all night clubs of Hamburg, Germany and the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool.  It was pure rock and roll.

John Lennon has been quoted as saying “a lot of our best stuff was never recorded” and that “the best music we played was in and around the clubs of Liverpool and Hamburg

BackBeat don’t wear wigs or do phony Liverpool accents – what they do is play the music with raw energy, passion, three-part harmonies, with period correct equipment, foolishly dressed in black leathers and winkle picker boots!

Everyone agrees that the absolute highlight in the bands history is performing at International BeatleWeek Festival, Liverpool, 2016.

BackBeat also love to collect vintage instruments.  The Hofners so far in BackBeat’s current growing collection are:- 

1964 500/1 Violin Bass

1962 Verithin

1964 Senator

BackBeat collection