Our range of Classical guitars explained.

Höfner offer five series of classical guitars designed to suit both budget and style. We have no doubt that you will find a guitar suitable for you among the instruments we produce. You can download a catalogue by clicking here.


Hofner catalogue 1931
Catalogue page from 1931

We first started producing classical (concert) guitars around 1930 having previously spent 43 years making violins and other stringed instruments. Nobody now is quite sure of the exact year.


Production of classicals has continued ever since, with contiuous development in technology, quality and style and is today a major part of the business.

Höfner is still making classical guitars, still by hand, in the traditional way, our passion for perfection and our love for quality is everlasting.

Today we are still hand making classical guitars in the workshops at Hagenau in Germany.

Höfner Hagenau workshops 2014




HC Series

This is our good quality budget series. These are good quality classical guitars suitable for beginners or those on a budget. They are built to the highest standards and provide excellent playability which is important particularly for beginners. There is nothing worse than learning to play on a poor quality cheap instrument. These guitars have been built to our exact specifications for over 20 years, the result is a quality level that is exceptional in the price range. Carmencita guitars can be found from just over €200,00. Click here to see the series.

Hofner Carmencita Series

Hofner Carmencita Series

Hofner Carmencita HC504


HF and HZ Series

Ideal for beginners, advancing students and even professionals this is our core series of classical guitars that have their heritage from the very first models made 90 years ago. Continuous development of the Classic series over many years means that today you are assured of the very best quality, sound and playability. Experience counts! All models have solid tops, 65 cm scale length and 50 mm nut width. You can choose a cedar (HZ) top for a more explosive sound or a spruce (HF) top for a transparent and balanced sound. All of the Classic series is handmade in our workshops in Germany. The big surprise with the Classic series is the price! Would you believe you can have a handmade German built guitar from just over €400,00? Yes you can! Click here to see more.

Hofner Classic Series HF14

Hofner Classic Series HF14

Hofner Classic Series HF14

HLE Limited Edition

HLE Series

Every year we seek out and buy a limited amount of very special wood to build the guitars in the HLE series. We find varieties of wood that are not often seen on classical guitars thereby offering our customers the chance to own something rather special. Once this wood is used we do not produce any further of that model. All of the HLE series are built to the same standards of quality as our Classic series in the same workshops in Germany. They have 65 cm scale length and 50 mm nut width. They make ideal guitars for students and professionals seeking a guitar that combines not only superb quality but stunning good looks. You will be amazed at the low prices of these beautiful guitars which start at around €500,00. Click here to see the HLE series.

Hofner HLE Series

Hofner HLE Series

Hofner HLE Series HLE-MEF

Green Line

HGL Series (Also includes some HLE and HM models)

If you have concerns about the environment and our planet Earth then you might want to consider a Höfner Green Line guitar. The series began over 20 years ago with a decision to offer guitars that used only indigenous (European) non-endangered woods and were finished with environmentally friendly lacquer. In common with all our classical guitars the series has seen development and improvement, the use of new and better eco finishes and the elimination of as much waste as possible. In recent years we have steadily increased the number of models in the series as demand has increased and our commitment to the environment has grown stronger. (It has even spilled over to the electric guitar department who today are now producing Green Line instruments.) The HGL series are all built in our own workshops in Germany to the highest stand of quality and design. They are beautiful environmentally friendly guitars with exceptional tone. Prices begin from under €600,00. Click here to see more.

 Hofner Green Line Logo
Look for the Hofner Green Line Logo.

Hofner HGL Series

Hofner HGL Series

Hofner Green Line Series HGL9

Master Guitars

HM Series

Perfect for advanced students and professionals the Master series are our finest classical guitars built to exceptionally high standards of quality, style and design. The series can trace its heritage back over decades of Master guitar production at Höfner with constant development and improvements. In recent years we developed a fundamentally new system of bracing that produces unique levels of volume, sonic colour and sustain. All Master guitars are hand made by our master luthiers in our own workshops in Germany and all, of course, have solid tops. Some models feature cutaway bodies with a built in pre-amp system configured by Höfner for the ultimate sound output. You might be thinking that a handmade Höfner Master guitar is outside of your budget, but you may be surprised with prices starting at around just €750,00. Check out the series by clicking here.

Hofner Master Series

Hofner Master Series

Hofner Master Series HM96

You can download our guitar catalogue at this page.

(Prices quoted in this article refer to possible “street prices” and not to the RRP.)