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With the reunions of Blur and The Libertines, two generations of British guitar music have returned to the stage this year. The only thing missing for a Britpop Revival is the resounding debut of a young band. Could it be true that this particular band is not from London, Liverpool or Manchester but from Bavaria? Looks that way, doesn’t it? Because Tom Appel (vocals, guitar), Tobias Riedl (guitar, vocals), Max Blank (drums) and – his name already sounds like Swinging London in the 60s – Maxi Voormann (bass guitar) are from Munich, and as Monday Tramps they, inspired by bands like The Strokes and Tame Impala, released a debut album "When Days Turned Hollow" with everything it takes to celebrate a reunion with the great moments of British Pop and Rock Music, including the Kinks’ melancholy sounds, the boisterousness of the young Arctic Monkeys – and doesn't singer Tom Appel sound just like a deeply yearning Alex Turner when he sings "Find ourselves a spot to dance, try and act experienced in Rock and Roll“?

These lines are from "Kick Your Shoes Back", a song you can currently hear in Mark Monheim's tragicomedy "About A Girl" with Heike Makatsch and Jasna Fritzi Bauer, and also at the end of the official film trailer. The film tells the story of 15-year-old Charleen, a quite peculiar girl, who does an internship as an undertaker, collects photos of dead animals and solely listens to music of musicians who have already passed away. It cannot be ruled out that Monday Tramps' songs such as “Lullabies”, which is likely to be a single release, but also "This Town" or the psychedelic "Shoot The Moon" may free her from her morbid fascination and get her on the dance floor. Because Monday Tramps might be in love with the past, but these songs – where her heart pounds euphorically, now and then, though it beats melancholically most of the time – awake her to new life.

(Maik Brüggemeyer, Rolling Stone)





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