Green Line

 Hofner Green Line

We take the environment seriously at Hofner. Our policy is to always look for ways to protect the environment and to make the best use of waste resources to do so.

The products we use, wherever possible, are chosen because they reduce the impact on the environment.

Hofner HGL9 Green Line guitar
Hofner HGL9 Green Line classical guitar.

Hofner Green Line Bass

Hofner H500/1 Green Line Violin Bass guitar.

That we are a manufacturer that places great emphasis on sustainability can be seen from the fact that we have been producing and marketing for 17 years a Green Line range. The range began with instruments of the HGL Guitar Series which are made exclusively from domestic (European) tonewoods and painted in an environmentally friendly way . More recently we have introduced a Green Line violin as we feel that stringed instruments should also now respond to environmental changes.

Hofner Green Line violin
Höfner Green Line Violin.


Green Line tuning peg    GrLine chin rest and tailpiece    Green Line fingerboard

Green Line Violin components: pegs, fingerboard, chin rest and tailpiece. No longer ebony, instead synthetic non-damaging material.


The Green Line violin does not use any ebony wood which is now becoming endangered. All those components that are traditionally made from ebony, pegs, fingerboard, chin rest and tailpiece, now use a special composite material that is environmentally friendly and yet looks and feels perfect. 

Careful use of precious resources, minimization of CO2 emissions and harmful aerosols has been Hofner policy for decades. We use heat recovery systems for the dust exhaust and our heating is from wood shavings and sections. We largely avoid kiln drying preferring to air dry our woods in our own wood stores. Recently we invested in an extensive thermal insulation of our buildings. We paint almost exclusively with traditional natural resin varnish and thinner and their ingredients are safe for the environment.

We also make sure that all woods that are used in our manufacturing here in Hagenau come exclusively from the sustainable timber industry. We have made it our mission to only use suppliers who can supply us exclusively with certified wood.